desktop computer enclosure / wall-mount / surface mounted / rectangular



  • Construction:

    wall-mount, for desktop computers, surface mounted

  • Configuration:


  • Material:

    polycarbonate, mild steel

  • Other characteristics:

    single-door, lockable, protection

  • Application:

    industrial, for harsh environments, workstation, for keyboards

  • Protection level:

    rugged, NEMA 4, IP54

  • Width:

    24 mm (1 in)

    Min.: 600 mm (24 in)

    Max.: 600 mm (24 in)

  • Height:

    26 mm (1 in)

    Min.: 670 mm (26 in)

    Max.: 670 mm (26 in)

  • Depth:

    25 mm (1 in)

    Min.: 630 mm (25 in)

    Max.: 630 mm (25 in)


The PENC-800 (pc enclosure for industrial environments)

Designed to protect a wide range of desktop PCs and displays (CRT and TFT - up to 19 inches), the 800 series computer enclosure is an all-in-one NEMA 4 compact computer enclosure manufactured from powder coated mild steel with a sliding, lock-away keyboard tray, and sealed to IP54.


Security Rated to European IP54 standards, the enclosure efficiently protects against dust, dirt, impacts, liquid splashes, tampering and theft.

More Flexible than an Industrial Computer - repair, upgrade or replace the enclosed PC without risking downtime waiting for an engineer.

Up to Date an enclosure allows you to choose what software to run, no need to rely on an outdated industrial computer. Install the latest technology or software at will.

Equipment Longevity a more economical alternative to expensive industrial machines, PCs and monitors last longer in an Armagard computer enclosure which themselves can be reused year after year.

Ideal for: Factories, Workshops, Manufacturing, Warehouses

All Armagard products are constructed according to European IP and International NEMA standards, ensuring protection from liquids and particles.