inspection microscope / opto-digital / with HD digital camera / LED illumination
Inspex HD 1080p



  • Technical applications:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with HD digital camera, LED illumination, real-time, ergonomic

  • Magnification:

    Max.: 237 unit

    Min.: 2 unit


Accurate & detailed inspection with dynamic range of magnification levels and integrated LED illumination. Its versatile design makes it compatible with a wide range of mounting options. Real-time on-screen dimensioning is provided by integrated XY grids and cursors.

The Inspex HD 1080p is suited for repair & rework, quality control & failure diagnosis processes in a wide range of industries such as: Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Forensics and Watch and Jewellery manufacturing.

Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to ergonomic design enabling user to sit or stand in a comfortable and safe posture providing relief from back, neck and eye strain typically associated with traditional microscopes.

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