dispensing preparation station / flocculant / automatic

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dispensing preparation station / flocculant / automatic dispensing preparation station / flocculant / automatic - APP


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Flocculation is a vital stage in the water treatment, drinking water and wastewater plants. In these processes, polymeric flocculating agents are used to reduce operation costs in coagulation and flocculation systems. Polymer agents, which are long-chain organic molecules, mixed with water are acting like attrahends and produce attraction forces on the suspended solids or sludge particles. These conglomerated flocks ease settling, dewatering or filtering processes. Polymeric agents are also used for other industrial solid-liquid separation applications, such as in chemical industries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paw plants, food industries and others.

ASTİM designs and manufactures automatic palmer preparation and dosing plants which are suitable for above mentioned processes.

ASTiM standardized ready to use APP type chemical preparation and dosing unit is suitable to prepare and meter polymeric flocculation agents and other suitable materials such as hydrated lime, iron sulphate, etc.

The unit can also be supplied with large silos and dry material feeding components.

A standard fully automated APP system minimizes operator attention. All operations are performed via a control panel keeping the feeding hopper field with polymer is the only required manual labor for fully automatic continuous operations of the system.

Major Components:

Polymer feeder consistsof a hopper and a specially developed metering screw. The outlet nozzle of the feeder is heated electrically to avoid humidity. Disperser cone is the most important component consists of an ejector, which effectively mixes and transports the water polymer mixture into the preparation chamber.