plastic cutting machine / knife / for printed circuit boards / high-speed
DIVISIO 5000 series



  • Material:

    for plastics

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    for printed circuit boards

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, modular


The DIVISIO 5100 Dual is top of its class in fl exible, high-speed depaneling systems. The system has two inlet and two outlet conveyors. Thereby the system is able to work on two different products by demand-driven process.

The machine is only 1200 mm long and has two working areas of 330 mm x 250 mm. The modular frame construction leaves enough room for installation of for example a carrier circulating system or an underfloor conveyor with integrated lift device. Due to the requirement of smaller footprint the switch cabinet is on top (option). The handling gripper axis is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, ensuring high stiffness and accuracy.

Positioning system with CFK- Axis
Linear motor and linear measurement system in X and Y axes
Ionisation unit
Automatic tool change
Complete tool management
Breakage control
Length verifi cation
Diameter check
Life span monitoring
Dynamic utilization of full router bit
Automatic maintenance schedule
Automatic gripper finger changeover
Camera system
Fiducial recognition
Cut control
Program creation with teach function
Camera correction
Bad mark recognition
Code reading
Vacuum exhaust system
Manual suction unit
Low pressure control
Automatic product changing
ASYCAM CAD data import
Customer-specific transport modules
Customer specific data interface
Global remote control
Switch cabinet on top, on side or detached