automatic materials handling system / electronic equipment / tray / process
PARIO 5000



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  • Product applications:

    tray, electronic equipment

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Several tray stacks will be lifted from the euro-pallet by using
a fork lift / jack and moved from the PARIO 5000 into the
operating position. Then they will be processed tray by tray
by a gripper. The relevant upper tray will be taken by the tray
handling, lifted, proceeded and placed on stand by module
module. Immediately afterwards the second handling will pick
up a processed tray and drop it on the exit stack. At the same
time another tray laying on the indexing table will be processed,
means loaded and unloaded. With PARIO 5000 tray stacks can
be loaded or unloaded.

_Pallet size Euro
_Tray formats up to 600 x 800 mm
_Trays/KLT of different designs and materials
_Pick-& Place time of less than 3 s
_Change of trays in the intake of less than 4 s
_Usable as loader and unloader
_Optimized service access by using large doors
_Frontal logistics access
_HMI designed to be easily operated
_Perfect logistic facilities by changing pallets and trays without
interruption – fully automated

_Enhancement packages
_Pharma / Medical
_Project related tray conveyance
_Customised workpiece handling
_Alternative control concept
_Individual material logistics provided by the customer
_Sector specific standardization and qualification documents
_Further adaption upon request
_Low in maintenance