automated materials handling system / modular / electronic equipment / tray



  • Operating mode:

    automated, modular

  • Product applications:

    tray, electronic equipment

  • Applications:



The tray supply system PARIO 800 modular is used to supply
and remove trays in an automated production line. The system
is docked to a process system. What is special about this:
Conveyor belts running on top of each other allow safe handling
of trays in a minimum of space.
The operator loads an empty tray stack on the upper
conveyor belt of the tray deployer. The bottom tray is
first stacked on a pneumatical driven lifting conveyor
segment. After the tray is completely loaded, the pneumatic
stroke goes to the lower position and passes the full tray
to the lower conveyor belt of the tray deployer, for stacking
the trays.

_ Tray formats up to 400 x 600 mm
_ Bi-level unstack and stack unit with independent drive
_ Safety coverings with protective doors
_ Steel tube frame
_ Microprocessor control with touch-sensitive
keyboard and LCD display
_ Usable as loader and unloader
_ Low in maintenance

_ Enhancement packages: Pharma, ESD
_ Customised workpiece handling
_ Automatic stack exchange
_ Width adjustment