gamma spectrometer / process / multi-function
AT6104DM series



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Multifunction immersion spectrometers to monitor radiation levels in fresh and sea water, as well as in bottom sediments. Measurement at depths up to 500 m without prior sampling and sample preparation.


Monitoring radioactive contamination of water and bed deposits at depths up to 500 meters with data GPS-mapping
Monitoring of industrial radioactivity in water bodies: seas, rivers, lakes, ponds and wells
Radioecological monitoring of water bodies in Atomic Power Station and waste repository areas
Operational monitoring of radioactive hazardous objects hoisting


Spectrometer unit in a temperature-and-shock-resistant watertight container from stainless steel detects gamma-radiation of monitored radionuclides.

Spectrometric data from detecting unit is sent via special cable to a PC and is displayed on its screen.

Instrumental spectra processing algorithms in PC Software are used for displaying of radioisotope composition data or certain radionuclide volume activity. Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate value in inspection point is determined by instrument spectrum analysis with “spectrum-dose” operational function.