multi-parameter calibration and test bench / for dosimeter / mechanical



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    for dosimeter

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Reference X-ray calibration system is designed to simulate and transmit units of air kerma, exposure dose, ambient dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent and their respective rates of X-ray radiation into working standards and measurement instruments during verification, calibration and tests.

Metrology support of X-ray dosimetry:
Verification and calibration in metrology service facilities
Calibration procedures in Secondary Standard Dosimeter Laboratories (SSDL)
Calibration of measurement instruments in the process of development, manufacturing and production
Applied metrology

Operating principle
The system is based on industrial X-ray units with metal-ceramic tubes.
The system implements irradiation setup with fixed irradiator and calibration bench on linear travelling platform.
The set of generated radiation qualities is assigned by X-ray unit parameters and filter settings. Irradiation field size can be changed by varying the "focus-detector" distance or diameter of diaphragm. Automatic operation of irradiator and bench is remotely controlled from operator room.