server contained cold aisle / 42U / 47U / data center
CCA series



  • Construction:

    42U, 47U

  • Options:

    data center, server



The assembly of racks in "Contained cold aisle" helps to ensure that 100% of the air blown by the air conditioners in the room is used by the servers. The air inlet temperature is controlled, there is no return of hot air on the fronts of the racks, the yields are optimised. This principle of containment contributes to energy saving, and by way of consequence, the improvement of the operation and the carbon balance of IT environments.

A Contained Cold Aisle is made up of two spans of cabinets equipped with front and rear openwork doors. The central corridor between the two spans of racks is covered by tiles, closed at both ends by doors and with a slatted floor.

The roofs of the Atos Contained Cold Aisles are formed by tiles of safety glass with painted aluminium frame.
The tiles are easily detached to allow the use of lifting equipment to mount the servers in the racks.
At each end, a double-sliding glass door allows you to guarantee the sealing and secure the access: these doors can be equipped with a simple handle, a lock and a mechanical code or digicode lock.
The door guidance is without ground grips in order to facilitate access to the cold aisle with a device on wheels.
On the ground, large mesh slatted tiles replace the tiles of the raised floor thus allowing a maximum passage of air