engineering software / CAD/CAM / schema design / database
Engineering Base



  • Function:

    engineering, CAD/CAM, schema design, database, electrical CAD

  • Applications:

    substation, industrial, process, electrical network, machine, for CAD, for nuclear applications, for airports, for aerospace applications, for the automotive industry, for industrial networks, for railway applications, electrical power system, chemical, for the food industry, for wiring harnesses design, for the packaging industry, manufacturing process engineering, for the plastics industry, packaging line, for chemical processes, for compressed air systems, for CAD applications, for gas mixers, for electrical projects, pneumatic, for the wood industry, for the gas industry, for compressors, for solar power plants, for turbines, for water treatment applications, robotic process, power station

  • Type:

    cloud, web-based, collaborative

  • Operating system:

    Windows, 32/64-bit Windows system


Collaborative, simultaneous, consistent: AUCOTEC has created a unique platform that goes far beyond conventional CAE for electrical engineering documentation. It is familiar with the most diverse industry segments, from the mechanical or process engineering of plant construction up to wire harnesses in all types of mobile systems. In a project, all disciplines work on one flexible, extensible data model in the same central, reliable database. Whether systems engineering or Industry 4.0 applications such as predictive maintenance are involved: Engineering Base (EB) makes modern plant design easy and efficient with future-oriented technology and intuitive handling. EB is open for integration into any company IT system, scalable from the international enterprise solution down to the smallest engineering office.