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manual heat sealer / packaging / film
300 FJR



  • Operating mode:


  • Applications:


  • Product applications:


  • Power:

    40 W (136.5 BTU/h)

  • Width:

    1 mm


The Futura Junior is an economical hand operated tabletop heat sealer designed for low volume packaging.

The maximum temperature of this machine is set in a way that the PTFE can not burn through, which means that the machine is extremely low-maintenance. The seal temperature is adjustable by means of a potentiometer with 3 positions, depending on the thickness of the film. The Futura Junior is not equipped with either a knife or seal timer. The seal time is determined by the operator and therefore would not be suitable for packaging series of consumption goods.
Applications: nails, nuts, bolts, small parts, electronics, etc.