light fixture / fluorescent / for shops / for storage hall
13 - 80 W, 1 350 - 7 000 lm | Aura Protector



  • Type:

    light fixture

  • Illumination technology:


  • Applications:

    for shops, for storage hall, office, for clean rooms


Product information
Aura Protector Long Life is tri-phosphor lamps with very good color rendering covered in a FEP plastic protector film. The lamp is developed for areas that are subject to special safety requirements for protection of production of sensitive products.

Aura Protector Long Life is available for T5 (16 mm) in the following versions:

Aura Eco Saver Protector Long Life
Aura Supreme Protector Long Life
This group of lamps are designed for applications such as food processing industry, other industrial productions plants (e.g. chemical, paper manufacturing), laboratories, sports facilities and museums.

Mercury content: 3.5 mg