horizontal crusher-compactor / miscellaneous waste / automatic
DS-A 680 series



  • Orientation:


  • Material:

    miscellaneous waste

  • Other characteristics:


  • Output:

    Max.: 2,200 kg/h (4,850 lb/h)

    Min.: 1,200 kg/h (2,646 lb/h)


Fully automatic can crusher with changeable and special grooved wear plates made from Hardox material. An perfectly designed press-ram guide in combination with two specially shaped cutting units guarantee a troublefree continuous operation. An optional attached tipping device additionally optimizes the handling of the material. Available for various sizes of containers. The can crusher can also be equipped with a conveyor for a full automation of the feeding process.

- easy and quick handling
- little maintenance needed
- cutting units guarantee continuous operation
- wear resistant plates of Hardox

Ideal solution for processing aluminium or tin plate beverage cans. With aluminium cans a throughput of 600 kg/h and a density up to 650 kg/m³ can be reached. Available with different bale dimensions.