optical spectrometer / laboratory / USB / high-sensitivity



  • Type:


  • Field:


  • Other characteristics:

    USB, high-sensitivity, CCD, fiber optic

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,160 nm

    Min.: 200 nm


AvaSpec-HS1024x58TEC and HS1024x122TEC High-sensitivity Fiber-optic Spectrometers are top performing instruments in the SensLine High-sensitivity spectrometer family with high quantum efficiency in the UV and near infrared spectral regions. The detector pixels in the AvaSpec-HS1024x58TEC measure 1392 µm high and for the AvaSpec-HS1024x12TEC2 they measure 2928 µm high. The instrument’s optical bench design is based on a revolutionary concept with high numerical (0.22) aperture and throughput. TE-cooled backthinned CCD detectors are used as a linear array of 1024 pixels binning the vertical 58 or 122 pixels for optimal efficiency. The spectrometers have a fiber-optic entrance connector (standard SMA, other options available), toroid collimating and focusing mirrors and are available with choice of 7 different standard diffraction gratings to enable applications in the 200-1160 nm range. The AvaSpec-HS1024x58/122TEC include a 16-bit AD converter, and USB2.0 high-speed interface. These instruments are especially suitable for measuring low light, fluorescence and UV applications and also have superior NIR sensitivity relative to front illuminated CCDs. Digital IO ports enable external triggering, control of shutters, and pulsed light sources from the Avantes line of instruments.

AvaSpec-HS1024x58/122TEC have TE-cooled detectors with lower dark noise, better signal to noise, and enhanced sensitivity that is even 3 times more sensitive than the nearest spectrometer in our Sensline. The AvaSpec-HS-1024x58/122TEC runs on 100-240VAC power and comes with AvaSoft-Basic, a manual and USB interface cable.