PLA 3D printer / ABS / CFRP / wax

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PLA 3D printer / ABS / CFRP / wax PLA 3D printer / ABS / CFRP / wax - A300


  • Materials to be printed:

    PLA, ABS, CFRP, wax, plastic

  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    industrial, for model making, for mold manufacturing

  • Other characteristics:

    desktop, large-format, high-performance, color, continuous, high-speed, with heated enclosure

  • X travel:

    300 mm

  • Y travel:

    300 mm

  • Z travel:

    335 mm


Printing area 300x300x335mm
Maximum speed 200 mm/s or material limit
Print bed heated up to 130°
Removable, magnetic print surface, for many polymers including nylon
Minimum layer height 0.05mm
Automatic calibration of the print surface with automatic compensation
Double extruder, Titan bowden type with 3:1 gear reduction for maximum accuracy
Double hot end using E3d chimera and volcano, ideal for very fast prints and soluble supports
Maximum nozzle temperature 300°
Noctua fans for rapid print cooling
Ionic air filter, for particles up to 100 nanometers
32bit electronic with integrated remote control
720p integrated webcam for remote control
Industrial grade motion system with ballscrew and precision linear guides
Interchangeable nozzle from 0.2 up to 1.2mm
External dimensions 520x520x640
Weight 50kg

Powder coated steel frame
Full enclosure, ideal for materials that suffer delamination and warping while printing
Open system, compatible with all the 1.75mm thermopolymer with an extrusion temperature under 300°
Web interface with remote control with octoprint
Stand alone printer using SD card or web interface
Double integrated spool support compatible with spools up to 1.2kg
Open source firmware with frequent updates
Open system, compatible with Simplify3d (recommended), Cura, Slic3r etc.
Preconfigured print profiles for most used materials and slicers