horizontal stretch wrapping machine / stretch film / with conveyor



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    stretch film, with conveyor


The machines of the B&B - MAF stretch packer series package single products or product formations by means of a film banderole or an overall wrapping.
B&B - MAF has developed a stretch packing technology with the most modern servo drive technology which allows for very tightly wrapped products without an additional shrinking process.

A performance of up to 40 cycles / min. can be achieved by the different machine versions which are configured for a multitude of product sizes.

Infeed-, formation- and stacking units can be adapted to customer-specific requirements and enable an automatic packaging process.


- No need for a shrink tunnel anymore -> less power consumption (high savings potential)
and therefore less energy costs
- Less film consumption compared to shrink film machines (savings of more than 50% possible)
- Higher performance than comparable shrink packers
- No influence of heating on the primary packaging
- No more gluing with the primary packaging / no dimpling effect
- Printed film can be used
- Optimal dimensional stability of the product for easy and efficient palletization
- Automatic splicing / roll change possible
- Variable seam positioning
- Easy open perforation