digital multimeter / portable / 1000 V / 20 A



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Max voltage:

    1000 V

  • Max current:

    20 A

  • Safety rating:

    cat III

  • Other characteristics:

    autorange, USB


B&K Precision Model 390A Test Bench® multimeter is economical, yet provides excellent performance. Compared to other multimeters, it offers a much superior price-to-features ratio. The meter has a molded case which is is based on dual injection technology. It ensures superior grip and higher meter protection.

The multimeter has a CE marking and UL mark. It also has cUL certification and is in accordance with IEC61010 1, CATIII 1000V, class2. It has a 3 3/4 LCD display with a 4000 count. It offers a basic accuracy of 0.1%. Included are a USB interface and software. It allows both auto or manual ranging options. It has an auto power off. All the current ranges are protected by fuse.