voltage impulse insulation tester / continuity / insulation resistance / leakage current



  • Test type:

    voltage impulse insulation, continuity, insulation resistance, leakage current

  • Tested product:

    for electrical installations, cabling

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, rugged

  • Applications:



The BK Precision Model 308A is a digital insulation tester which is purposed generally for periodic assessing of transformers, electrical wiring, as well as cable and industrial insulation for any traces of retrogression. It is integrated with a minimal ohm resistance test from 2Kohm & 20ohm. It has a 3 1/2 digit LCD and equipped with a locking and securing switch for a lengthened testing.

The tester has a volt meter which reaches up to 600Vac with a short circuit rate of 200mA. It is made and constructed in compliance with the IEC 1010-1 Cat III 600V / CE. It can be utilized for a secured testing of television sets and other appliances.