earth resistance tester / ground / for electrical installations / digital
309 series



  • Test type:

    ground, earth resistance

  • Tested product:

    for electrical installations

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, compact


The model 309 Digital Earth Resistance Meter (Earth Ground Meter) is a professional meter that is compact in size. The small, battery powered meter is easy to use and is invaluable to contractors and electricians who need to check the 'ground' quality and effectiveness of structures, building, electrical systems and equipment.

New buildings and structures require a good earth ground in order to pass the required electrical codes. Over time, older buildings can lose a good, effective earth ground connection which can happen after a structure or building has been struck by lightning.

The meter can measure earth resistance in 20/200/2000 ohm ranges and earth AC voltage to 200VAC (40 to 599Hz). The output is turned off after a 3 to 5 min continuous test with a timed function test. Resistance can be measured without tripping the circuit breakers with the 2mA measuring current.