high-voltage tester / VLF / cabling / mobile



  • Test type:

    high-voltage, VLF

  • Tested product:


  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, smart


The HVA28 TD VLF high voltage test set is an ultra-compact lightweight 0.1 Hz VLF cable tester with integrated tan delta diagnostics

Smallest VLF & TD unit available
14 kg only
Smart VLF technology
Outputvoltage 28 kV
IP67 watertight
Patented cooling system
Dual Discharge Device (DDD®)
Leakage Guard

At only 14 kg this ultra light high voltage test set is the smallest unit available on the market and is perfectly suited for mobile use.

The HVA28TD high voltage test set is protected by a watertight, crushproof and dust proof IP67-case.

The strong high voltage output can drive capacitive loadsas high a 10 μF.

Possible output voltages:

Sinusoidal: 0 – 29 kV peak, 0 – 21 kV eff
DC: ± 0 - 28 kV
Squarewave: 28 kV

The HVA28TD offers manual and automatic testing and diagnostic sequences and various operating modes such as:

VLF cable testing with symmetrical AC-Voltage (load independent across full range)
DC with positiv or negative polarity
Burn-/ Fault Condition or Fault Trip Mode
Jacket / Sheath Testing
Sheath Fault location mode

The Dual Discharge Device (DDD®) allows electronic and mechanical discharging of devices under test.