oxygen analyzer / exhaust gas / carbon monoxide / natural gas
Fyrite® InTech®



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, exhaust gas, carbon monoxide, natural gas, LPG, gas, flue gas

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The Fyrite® InTech™ residential analyzer is a robust, lightweight, reliable, and long-lasting functional handheld unit that provides technicians with the most convenient and cost-friendly means to achieve electronic-combustion testing advantages. It is designed based on the famous Tech 50/60, enhanced on the proven INSIGHT® platform to add more features with a minimal ownership cost.

It also features 6 pre-programmed fuels including propane (10 for EU version), B-Smart® pre-calibrated CO sensors (0-2,000 ppm), and a high-contrast graphic display, with backlighting. Its internal memory has a capacity to store a maximum of 10 comprehensive records which can also be downloaded from a PC or through infrared printer using an optional reporting kit.