3-axis CNC milling machine / vertical / for PVC / for profiles
MM/24-S, MM/44-S series



  • Number of axes:


  • Spindle orientation:


  • Machined material:

    for PVC

  • Other characteristics:

    for profiles, drilling


The technology applied to this automatic machine has been engineered for slotting double skinned rigid PVC profiles of up to 600 mm in width, directly on the extrusion line.
The machine is positioned between the haul off and the guillotine and carries out the slotting process by means of a milling unit composed of independent modules mounted on a suitably dimensioned bearing plate, which can house up to 44 milling tool holders.

The multiple milling head is mounted on columns and moves up and down to carry out the milling on the profiles. Carriage movement is controlled and driven by a brushless motor designed to synchronise the milling with the profile speed.
The machine is also equipped with an external suction unit to remove dust and milling swarf so that the profile is clean and ready for the next working process.

The realization of milling tools specifically for plastics makes for extrmely precise and clean holes/slots. In fact, this machine has been designed to be extremely versatile as it can be used for different profiles formats and multiple drilling/milling patterns, for example double-skinned PVC installation ducts.

Milling tool diameters from 5 mm upwards
Speeds of up to 8 m/min
System for heating the profiles (optional)
Welded steel frame with panel work
Accident prevention devices
Software customisable upon request by the customer
Major brand components