automatic wrapping machine / for extrusion lines / for coiled tubing / for corrugated pipes
CR 2 56/72, CR 3 56/72 series



  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:

    for coiled tubing, for corrugated pipes, for extrusion lines


These machines wrap various diameters of coils of corrugated pipe that are produced on extrusion lines.

The wrapping machines have been designed to handle a range of coils with the following dimensions:

INSIDE DIAMETER from 250 mm to 350 mm.
OUTSIDE DIAMETER from 560 mm to 720 mm.
COIL THICKNESS from 140 mm to 250 mm.

The coils coming from the lines are picked up at a frequency of one every 15-20 seconds and placed on the chuck so that they can then be wrapped in type PS 17 film. The quantity of film to be wrapped around the circumference of the coil is programmed by an electronic counter. Once the programmed quantity of film has been wrapped around the coil, it is cut and hooked up for the following cycle. The wrapped coil is automatically released from the chuck and ejected from the work area so that a new coil can be received.