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cartridge filtration unit / for compressed air / air
TRIPLEX series



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    for compressed air, air


BAUER P-filter systems (P stands for the German word Patrone, cartridge in English) can be relied upon to remove all hazardous substances, enabling you to breathe in clean breathing air.

Depending on the cartridge selected, BAUER P-filter systems are able to adsorb residual moisture,oil vapour, traces of hydrocarbon gases and carbon monoxide. With BAUER P-filter systems, all of the requirements of DIN EN 12021 for breathing air are not only met but even exceeded.

The compressed air is fed out of the compressor block and into the final separator, where the condensate (a mixture of oil and water droplets) is mechanically separated and discharged safely through the condensate drain valve.

The air cleaned upstream then flows through the P-filter system, which adsorbs the remaining water in the form of steam, removing hazardous contents from your breathing air at the same time.


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