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refrigerated compressed air dryer / air-cooled / high-temperature
B-KOOL series



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    air-cooled, high-temperature

  • Capacity:

    200 l/min, 650 l/min, 700 l/min (52.83 us gal/min)

  • Working pressure:

    Min.: 100 bar (1,450.377 psi)

    Max.: 500 bar (7,251.887 psi)


Rapid amortisation of procurement costs for the refrigeration dryer: Due to multiplication of the filter cartridge service lifetimesHuge potential for savings: Thanks to reduction in consumption of original filter cartridgesThree different versions: for the new MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS, PE-VE Silent and BAUER compressors in open design.In environments in which ambient temperatures are high in particular, the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer extends filter capacity almost beyond belief.Operators benefit from much lower filter cartridge usage and storage costs in addition to longer interruption-free operation.A clever approach to cutting costs and protecting the environmentThe normal service life (capacity) of a filter cartridge can be extended many times over by additional cooling of the compressed air with the B-KOOL refrigeration dryer. As a result of air cooling, most of the condensate is separated in the oil and water separator, so that the filter cartridge absorbs much less water vapour.


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