inspection camera / full-color / monochrome / B&W
VisiLine IP camera



  • Function:


  • Spectrum:

    full-color, monochrome, B&W

  • Technology:

    full HD, HD, digital

  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    GigE, PoE

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, megapixel, compact, full-frame, networked, high-sensitivity, small form factor, robust, low-noise, IP67, high dynamic range


VisiLine® IP cameras: Protected in harsh environments.

VisiLine® IP protected cameras are ideal for applications with rough ambient conditions. The IP 65 and IP 67 housings withstand both moisture and particulate contamination.
They protect all critical camera components as well as the lens and eliminate the need for additional protective enclosures. The sophisticated mechanical design defies shock and vibration and ensures image acquisition with long-term stable reproducibility.

Thanks to high IP protection, light weight, robust design and single-cable solution capabilities by PoE the VisiLine® IP protected cameras match particularly the application requirements in robotics.