HMI with touch screen / panel-mount / ARM Cortex-A8 / TFT LCD
b maXX



  • Interface:

    with touch screen

  • Mounting:


  • Processor:

    ARM Cortex-A8

  • Other characteristics:

    TFT LCD, USB, Ethernet

  • Applications:

    display, control, visualization, data

  • Screen size:

    Max.: 15.6 in

    Min.: 4.3 in


Brilliant and adaptable

Powerful hardware
Display sizes from 4.3" to 15.6"
Comprehensive, integrated software package
Linux and Windows versions
Traditional and web-based visualization
Three variants: Basic, Standard, Premium

The b maXX HMI series control panels are characterized by powerful hardware, extensive software and a variety of features. The devices are available with display sizes from 4.3 to 15.6 inches in the Basic and Standard product lines, and 7.0 to 15.6 inches in the Premium product line.
All HMIs come with a 1.0 GHz powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1 GB of system memory and 4 GB of eMMC storage for visualization projects, data loggers, formulas and trends. They are equipped with USB and Ethernet ports and a configurable serial interface.
Equipped with LCD and LED-backlit TFTs with 16 million colors and touchscreens , this series includes models that are ideal for any application!