ultra-rugged signal conditioner / for sensors

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ultra-rugged signal conditioner / for sensors ultra-rugged signal conditioner / for sensors - A3


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    for sensors


The Model A3 is a Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC), useful for heavy-duty applications. This SSC is designed for 2-4 sensors or transducers, equipped with a strain gauge Wheatstone bridge circuit.

When linked to power supply of 12 and 24Vdc, this unit delivers a regular excitation voltage to the Wheatstone bridge circuit of the sensor, and amplifies the output signal of the sensor to standard signals for instance, 0~5Vdc or 4~20mA, for further transmission to the PLC from a distance.

The device has a robust aluminium enclosure of anodized surface treatment. Due to both the rubber-seals between housing cover and container, and the water-resistant cable gland, it is secured to IP65, and can be simply hooked to a panel mounting plate.