presence detector / electronic / ceiling-mounted / for indoor use



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  • Other characteristics:

    ceiling-mounted, for indoor use, digital, monitoring, remote, sensor


DALI occupancy detector for surface mounting in large mounting heights
External telescopic light sensor for a mounting height between 5 and 16m (mechanically adjustable) for measuring the light according to the application.
DALI / DSI interface for control of digital dimmable electronic ballasts as a group
Version as master device
Extension of the detection area with slave devices possible
Manual switching and dimming via push button possible
Additional functions can be set up using the optional remote control.
Logical switching or control output
Permanent or time-limited orientation light
There are markings for adjusting the detector
When used in high-bay warehouses, care should be taken that, in the cross-aisles of the warehouse, detectors are installed that can detect movement only in the desired aisle locations, by using blinds or other technical arrangements.
Factory settings 10 min and 500 lux
Application examples:
monitoring of warehouses, high-bay storages (in translation).

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