presence detector / photoelectric / indoor / sensor



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    indoor, sensor, HVAC


KNX occupancy detector designed for high-bay warehouses, with integrated KNX bus connector
External telescopic light sensor for a mounting height between 5 and 16m (mechanically adjustable) for measuring the light according to the application.
1x Light (for regulating or switching), 1x slave output, 3 separate HVAC-blocs
Intelligent semi-automatic mode, occupancy-independent regulating mode (photoelectric switch), full automatic mode
Two logic modules
Individual adaption of detection sensitivity for each PIR sensor
Direction of movement can be identified
Mixed light measurement with internal and external light sensor
Various locking functions
Status LEDs can be activated / deactivated
Programming button (phys. address) can be operated via remote control
Regulation/switching of three light groups via offset (external influence possible)
Short presence, self-adjusting follow-up time, corridor function
Recall of light scenes
Temperature sensor
HVAC mode (1=comfort, 2=stand-by, 3=economy, 4 = antifreeze/heat protection)
IR remote control-capable via 5 button remote control, programmable at choice (accessory)
Occupancy simulation
PIR sensors can be deactivated individually