motion detector / indoor / automatic / multi-sensor



  • Detected entity:


  • Other characteristics:

    indoor, automatic, multi-sensor, surface-mount


Wide motion detection range DALI multisensor
Powered via DALI bus
Seemless integration in B.E.G. LUXOMAT®net DALISYS
Multimaster-capable with slave function
Mixed light measurement with internal and external light sensor
Semi-automatic, full-automatic or twilight switch mode
Integrated daylight harvesting circuit (or switch output)
Guided Light, Soft-Start PLUS, Orientation light PLUS
Works out-of-the box for easy installation check
Full range of functions can only be activated with other products of the product group B.E.G. LUXOMAT®net DALISYS
Application examples:
offices, schools, nursery schools, hospitals, conference rooms.