presence detector / photoelectric / wall-mounted / outdoor
RC-plus next N 230 KNX-DX



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  • Other characteristics:

    wall-mounted, outdoor, automatic, individual, remote, HVAC


KNX occupancy detector with integrated KNX bus connector
1x Light (for regulating or switching), 1x slave output, 3 separate HVAC-blocs
Intelligent semi-automatic mode, occupancy-independent regulating mode (photoelectric switch), full automatic mode
Two logic modules
Individual adaption of detection sensitivity for each PIR sensor
Direction of movement can be identified
Anti-creep zone
Measuring of mixed light thanks to internal light sensor
Various locking functions
Status LEDs can be activated / deactivated
Programming button (phys. address) can be operated via remote control
Regulation/switching of three light groups via offset (external influence possible)
Short presence, self-adjusting follow-up time, corridor function
Recall of light scenes
Temperature sensor
HVAC mode (1=comfort, 2=stand-by, 3=economy, 4 = antifreeze/heat protection)
IR remote control-capable via 5 button remote control, programmable at choice (accessory)
Occupancy simulation
PIR sensors can be deactivated individually
Detection area can be extended thanks to master-slave-mode
Extensive optimization options for light measurement
Measured light value is communicated to the bus
IR remote control-capable via IR remote control (optionally)
PIN code