fatigue testing machine / vertical / double-column / servo-hydraulic

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fatigue testing machine fatigue testing machine - PLW-300


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    vertical, double-column, servo-hydraulic


Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test Machine
1.Certification: ISO,CE
2.Dynacell load cell feature compensation
3.Wide range of grip

1. Name of Equipment: Servo Hydaulic Fatigue Testing Machine
2. Model of Equipment: PLW-300
Product feature
(1) Sampling and control frequency stability, to ensure the products have the security protection function
(2) Low level, super temperature, filter jams,, overload, preset fatigue characteristics such as number;
(3) The product has remote pressure regulating functions, so as to facilitate the energy saving;
(4) The non-contact displacement sensor, no wearing, and need not to calibration;
(5) The displacement sensor MTS, absolute position measurement, resolution as high as 0.001 mm;
(6) Load measurement using Interface fatigue special sensors, high precision, long life, up to 100 million times;
(7) Fully enclosed hydraulic source and reduce noise;

(8) Using digital DOLI controller, high control accuracy;

(9) Digital controller, synchronous channels collection technology, eliminate phase difference;