video corpo

instrument transformer / current / encapsulated / toroidal
W, W8000 series



  • Type:

    instrument, current

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    toroidal, through-hole


Bender presents W… and W…-8000 series measuring current transformers. They are used for measuring AC currents and converting them into evaluable measurement signals. They are used along with residual current monitors of RCM series resp. RCMS series residual current monitoring systems. The transformers are highly sensitive.

Their design enables measurement of test current produced by a locating current injector PGH or an A-ISOMETER® IRDH. They are connected to the respective systems through a two-wire cable. Additionally, when combined with insulation fault locators (EDS), they convert test current into evaluable signals. This makes them suitable for IT systems.