emergency lighting / lamp / fluorescent / polycarbonate



  • Type:

    emergency lighting

  • Illumination technology:

    lamp, fluorescent

  • Other characteristics:

    polycarbonate, battery-powered, SMD, IP20

  • Power:

    Min.: 13 W

    Max.: 80 W


Compatible with electronic and magnetic ballast
Non-maintained operation
Emergency lighting function by interruption of the unswitched phase
1 - 3 h duration
Compatible with 4-pin fluorescent lamps
Prolonging the lamp life with warm-start
Short-circuit, open-circuit and overload protection
High-temperature Ni-Cd battery cells
Overcharge and deep discharge protection
Polarity reversal protection for battery
Charge status display with green LED
Optional - application of 110 V operating voltage
Polycarbonate case
Simple connectable terminal block