screw-in fitting / straight / hydraulic / pneumatic
Orifice Fittings



  • Attachment:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    hydraulic, pneumatic

  • Material:

    brass, stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:

    with seal, compact, chemically resistant, for the pharmaceutical industry, flow control, miniature, corrosion-resistant, wide temperature range, for the food industry, for harsh environments, vacuum, for chemical applications, for the biotechnology industry

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 0.1 mm

    Max.: 2 mm

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: -1 bar (-14.5 psi)

    Max.: 68.9 bar (999.31 psi)


Beswick’s precision drilled metal orifices are offered in brass and stainless steel in sizes down to 0.004”. With tolerances of 0.0005”, these orifices are excellent for precise flow control in a compact envelope under constant, known pressures. Common applications include: controlled speed air cylinders, timing and sequencing circuits, and metering of gases or liquids. For critical applications, please also consider Beswick's sapphire jewel orifice fittings with tolerances of 0.0001”. Consult the factory for details.

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