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    column type

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Developed to eliminate the manual lifting of bags over the safety stop at the end of baggage chutes, the lifting table delivers bags to the operator at an ergonomic working height.
As a bag arrives from the chute, the operator presses a button to lower the
Baggage Lifting Table and the safety stop at the back of the table. The bag
slides on the table and another press of the button raises the table and the
safety stop again, to hold other items of baggage safely at the end of the
chute, whilst enabling the operator to slide the bag off the table at an ergonomic height. Another press of the button lowers the back safety stop and the table to allow the next bags to slide onto it.

By replacing repetitive, heavy manual lifting of bags with a gentle sliding action, the Lifting Table significantly minimises the risk of injury to the operator, in addition to reducing the risk of damage to baggage. Easy pushbutton operation means that the Lifting Table requires minimal training and can be operated safely by just one person.
With a very compact footprint, the Lifting Table can easily be integrated into existing systems to enhance baggage handling efficiency and safety. It can also be used in conjunction with the Crisplant Baggage Loader to allow operators
to safely transfer bags, with no heavy lifting, from chutes and into a ULD or
other container.