aluminum cutting machine / rotary blade / for tubes / profile
CPO-315 HT



  • Material:

    for aluminum

  • Technology:

    rotary blade

  • Product handled:

    for tubes, profile

  • Applications:

    for industrial applications, for extrusion lines, for light materials

  • Other characteristics:

    CE, metal profile

  • Cutting speed:

    Max.: 74,000 mm/min (48.556 in/s)

    Min.: 37,000 mm/min (24.278 in/s)

  • Tube diameter:

    Max.: 110 mm

    Min.: 6 mm


The Bewo CPO comes in two types: the Bewo CPO-315 and the Bewo CPO-315 PK with a pneumatic clamp. Both types are available in a low-revolution version (LT) for stainless steel and mild steel, and in a high-revolution version (HT) for mild steel and non-ferrous stock.

Bewo CPO-315 LT: speeds of 18.5 and 37 m/min.
Bewo CPO-315 HT: speeds of 37 and 74 m/min.

Low-burr saw cut
Both versions of the Bewo CPO-315 are equipped with a unique self-centring jaw system for clamping stock. The jaw system clamps the stock on both sides of the saw cut and ensures you a low-burr saw cut. Because the stock clamp is self-centring, all stock to be sawn is always placed centrally under the saw blade, whatever its size. Your saw therefore always has the ideal point of action. This reduces the wear on the saw blades considerably and you can easily mitre both right and left, if desired with a mitre block.

Long life
The Bewo CPO-315's long life is mainly determined by the robust saw motor with low-tolerance drive system. The entire construction is of a heavy-duty quality. The Bewo CPO-315 can also be equipped with a pneumatic clamp (Bewo CPO-315 PK). With this pneumatic clamp you only have to adjust the clamp once when working in series. For safety all Bewo CPO-315's are equipped with a 7-mm vice stroke.

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