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bakery tray destacker

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bakery tray destacker bakery tray destacker


  • Applications:

    for bakery trays


Bread denester enables to unstack bread regularly and without push on the slices. Suitable for every kind of bread, whatever the shape (round, square, baked in a mould, open...). The device can be set-up and can handle even the softest breads.

Easy and quick change of format (it only takes a few minutes)
Bread loading and unloading in 2, 4 or 6 tracks
Esay operating thanks to a limited height of loading
Can work continuously, synchonized with downstream devices or other equipment on demand (counting devices)
Speed : from 10 to 70 cycles / minute per track, so up to 420 stacked slices / minute.
Loading area: 1200mm
Waterproof structure and frame, suitable for pressure cleaning
Aside mechanic parts (away from product flow) closed in a case, with integrated electric systems , garantying high accessibility and then easy maintenance and cleaning
Built to guaranty high hygiene and do not contains any retention area or hollow parts
Certified CE, UL
Construction in 304 L stainless steel