laboratory filter / rotary drum / industrial / high-pressure



  • Other characteristics:

    rotary drum, industrial, laboratory, high-pressure

  • Filtration size:

    Max.: 50 µm

    Min.: 0.5 µm

  • Operating pressure:

    10 bar (145.038 psi)

  • Flow rate:

    5 m³/h (176.573 ft³/h)


We offer a wide range of rental lab filters and pilot filters for on-site testing. In this way, you can confirm and expand on findings from preliminary tests on a semi-industrial scale. We supply state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot filters or pilot filtration systems for all BHS filter systems. Each of these testing machines is equipped for a specific application and designed for rental applications to closely simulate production. Our qualified service technicians provide on-site training and support. The results of these tests ensure that the planned scale-up production system is properly designed.We not only provide laboratory or pilot filter systems for testing purposes, but we also sell these units both new and used for low-volume production scenarios or for use at your own technical center.