ambient air curtain / horizontal / vertical / industrial door
5 m | Invisidor IndAC



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  • Mounting:

    horizontal, vertical

  • Applications:

    industrial door


Improved Comfort with Industrial Air Curtain

The Invisidor IndAC air curtain has been developed to facilitate easier access for transport vehicles and prevent cold draughts in large loading bay doors.

Because such doors are usually tall and wide it is necessary for the air curtain to discharge large volumes of air in a controlled manner. The IndAC utilises Biddle’s patented rectifier having the latest double rectifier technology which minimises turbulence in the discharge air stream and surrounding air, ensuring that the air movement generated by the fans is directed downward in a deeply penetrating laminar air stream. In this way draughts are eliminated, energy consumption reduced and year round comfort increased.

Mounting Flexibility
It is essential that the curved discharge grille, incorporating the double rectifier, is positioned as close as possible to the door to screen off the doorway completely. The IndAC can be installed horizontally above the door or vertically up one or both sides of the door. The modular design enables individual air curtains to be linked together to form one length, and provide a solution for doors of any width or height.