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spool hydraulic directional control valve / direct-operated / solenoid-operated / 4/3-way
WVM-6i series



  • Type:


  • Actuating method:

    direct-operated, solenoid-operated

  • Ports/positions:

    4/3-way, 4/2-way, 3/2-way, 2/2-way

  • Other characteristics:


  • Flow rate:

    25 l/min (7 us gal/min)

  • Operating pressure:

    500 bar (7,252 psi)


The BIERI series WVM-6I consists of direct solenoid operated leakage free seated valves, applicable for high duty cycles. The modular principle of the main components allows for a huge variety of circuit symbols: 2/2-, 3/2-, 3/3-, 4/2-, 4/3- and 4/4-way functions with positive and also negative overlap. Consequently these valves are superior and space-saving alternatives to spool valves which can require additional leackage free shutoff valves.


Patented inline arrangement of cone / seat elements:Less components, compact design, improved reliability and various functions
Pressure compensated design of valve cones, high magnetic force and strong return spring:Safe and fast switching, bidirectional flow on open shift position and double tight with leakage free tightness in closed position
Hardened seat elements (cone and seat):Long operating lifetime and reliability
360° turnable and exchangeable plug-in coil:Arbitrary position of solenoid coil, replacement of coils without opening of the pressure tight spaces
Zinc nickel coated coils, valve body made of corrosion resistant heat-treatment steel:High corrosion resistance
Check valves and orifices can be integrated:Multiple options can easily be realised