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hydraulic cylinder / double-acting / tie-rod / round

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hydraulic cylinder / double-acting / tie-rod / round hydraulic cylinder / double-acting / tie-rod / round - Centaur


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  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    tie-rod, round

  • Stroke :

    Max.: 50 in

    Min.: 0 in


Mead Centaur cylinders are built to match tie-rod performance, but are up to 45% less expensive and offer lubrication-free service. Centaur cylinders are not permanently crimped like most other round cylinders, so they can be disassembled for maintenance. The Centaur cylinders are available with multiple mounts.
•Teflon® piston seal eliminates forward lurch that occurs when rubber seals breakaway
•Flush bottom cylinder mounts directly onto a base plate with only two bolts
•The pivot bracket is built-in for easy pivoting at the inlet axis
•Centaur's trunnions serve both as mounts and as assembly elements
•Rubber bumpers are built into each cylinder head to eliminate the metallic "clank"
•Self aligning rod couplers are available for alignment issues

Features and Beneîlts
•LowCost Mounting:
-Flush bottom cylinder mounts directly onto a base plate v/ith only two bolts
-No mounting brackets or other hardware needed
•Economical and Repairable:
-Up to 45% less expensive than tie-rod models
-Lubrication not required
-Two Centaur rear heads and a tube form an economical aluminum air réservoir
•Low Breakaway:
-Proprietary sealing System éliminâtes stick-slip
-Even after long idle periods, breakaway is consistent
-Rod motion remains smooth throughout stroke
•Built-ln Bumpers Absorb Impact:
-Rubber bumpers eliminate metallic "clank" at stroke completion

Engineering Specifications Pressure Rating: 150 PSI Air, 250 PSI Hydraulic
Temperature Range: -40° F (-40° C) to 250° F (121° C), up to 400° F (204° C) available Lubrication: Not required
Materials: Body: Hard Coated Aluminum
Rod Bearing: Oil-impregnated porous bronze

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