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hybrid UAV / aerial photography / for industrial applications / mapping

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hybrid UAV hybrid UAV - FireFLY6 PRO


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    aerial photography, for industrial applications, mapping

  • Other characteristics:

    carbon fiber

  • Payload:

    0.7 kg (1.543 lb)

  • Endurance:

    Min.: 50 min

    Max.: 59 min


When seconds count, a big open field with a permissive landowner is only minutes away ... on a super good day. Requiring only a 10x10 foot (3x3m) launch/recovery area, the FireFLY6 PRO is a practical solution that can be launched quickly from anywhere, thanks to its industry-leading Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capability.

Cover More Ground
While traditional multicopters can match the FireFLY6 PRO's VTOL capability, they fly slowly and inefficiently. With superior flight time and faster ground speed, the FireFLY6 PRO leaves multicopters far behind when it comes to coverage. Gain efficiency and effectiveness by covering more area, faster.

Return Safely, Every Time
Pure fixed wing platforms have long been the dominant players in applications that require extended flight times, but landing accurately requires expert piloting and often a bit of luck. Common workarounds (reverse thrust/deep stall) still require large areas and result in violent landings. In cluttered real world scenarios, the FireFLY6 PRO's exceptionally accurate, soft landings ensure that your flights end without damage to precious payloads or surrounding property.