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    with separate indicator

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Perfect integration in your service counter, unhindered access to your merchandise. New possibilities result from integrating the scale in the work area of your service counter.
You no longer have to reach around the scale in order to get to the products behind it. A clear view of the scale, by customers and sales staff, creates transparency and trust. ScalePad is almost entirely integrated in the work ledge of the service counter thereby creating valuable free space. The load platter is available in stainless steel or plastic. The plastic version is suitable for modest cutting of product. A juice groove in the food-grade plastic load platter ensures hygiene. For easy cleaning of the ScalePad simply "lift up" the scale.
Area of Use
Counter integration
Counter scale
Almost complete integration in the work table of your counter
Hygienic version due to food grade plastic
Easy cleaning
Plastic weighing pad can be cleaned in the dishwasher
Unhindered access to the merchandise
Clear view of the scale, by customers and sales staff