fully-electric bending machine / for tubes / profile / CNC
E-TURN Series



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes, profile

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, mandrel

  • Bending capacity:

    32 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 52 mm (1 in)


To make all types of tube and profile bends
CNC mandrel tube bender for pipes and profiles up to 50.8 mm in diameter. In-process right-hand/left-hand bending

Right-handed, left-handed mandrel bender and...
This is the CNC tube bending machine par excellence… In-process right-handed and left-handed bending, with fixed or variable radius, in single or multiple radius mode. The E-TURN is so flexible and fast, it is suited for all types of applications from furniture to automotive. Total versatility for tube, pipe, and profile bending.

Choose your size
The E-TURN has different sizes for tubes of diameter up to 50.8 mm.
Simply select the size of the CNC tube bender suited to the tubes and materials to be processed.

Creativity with no limits
Freedom of shape: with round, oval, rectangular tubes, pre-processed with holes or slots...
Freedom of radius: fixed and/or variable.
Freedom of orientation: flat, sideways, inclined.
Freedom of bending direction.
The design of a bend
Simply beautiful. Unblemished. Every part is always the same as the next. The parts bent with the E-TURN are small masterpieces in terms of appearance and are perfect applications requiring high cosmetics.

Right from the first part, whatever you do!
It doesn’t matter if you are bending thousands of parts or just a few prototypes. Now you can make the first part a good part. It used to take great skill and a number of man hours to dial in a bend and minimize wasted material. Our 60 years of expertise has been condensed into the CNC control of the E-TURN tube bender.