oxygen gas sensor / CO2 / electrochemical / infrared



  • Gas type:

    oxygen, CO2

  • Technology:

    electrochemical, infrared, zirconia


The BCpreFerm is a whole gas analysis for scale-up processes. Made for the analysis of metabolic processes, the model is composed of up to 6 CO2- and O2-senors, a BACCom data multiplexer box, and the BlueVis-software for automatic data recording.
Growth is controlled through a parallel analysis of CO2 and O2, a display of OTR, CTR and RQ, and through defined trial conditions. The system uses a modular design which enables connection to shake flasks, as well as to fermenters. It can also be attached to existing bioreactors. The use of additional gas coolers, lines, pumps and valves, and the complicated processing of gases is no longer necessary. The instrument can be used for cultivations in shake flasks and fermenters and further applications.