temperature monitoring system / humidity / measurement / for process control
Coldfinder system



  • Type:

    temperature, humidity

  • Applications:

    measurement, for process control, for safety, for medical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, Ethernet, remote, control system, real-time, automatic, online, measuring system, data acquisition, continuous


Coldfinder System
As a culmination of the Blutrack concept, Blulog proposes the Coldfinder system, dedicated mostly to the consumers and allowing him to verify the transparency of companies regarding their cold logistics chains:
Consumers can check for themselves that the products offered in supermarkets were kept in the right temperature conditions.
The consumer just has to scan a QR code positioned on a fridge to receive information about current and historical temperature in this specific location. He is simultaneously given the information about current promotions in the store.
This transparency guarantees to the consumer that the cold chain was well maintained and that he can purchase food products with confidence. The principles of this solution are presented on the website www.coldfinder.com in the form of a quick video.
Coldfinder is related to the e-commerce system, that can increase the competitiveness of the stores in terms of the delivery to final clients: Blulog's sensors, integrated into boxes or pallets, measure the parameters of the transported products, as well as send the geolocation
info to the final client who has the real time access to the information about his package. He can thus assure himself that the product delivered to his home was kept in the correct conditions during the whole delivery process.