forklift truck terminal / with touch screen / embedded / industrial



  • Interface:

    with touch screen

  • Mounting:


  • Applications:

    industrial, for forklift trucks


Stack terminal
The existing forklift is expanded by a full-fledged computer workstation. This workstation gives you easy access to all applications used on a network as well as the BÖCKELT TOWER management software.

Offering touch screen functionality, the industrial PC is shock-proof and supplied with voltage by the battery installed in the forklift. It uses a WiFi connection to communicate with a terminal workstation operating on the company's network. Data loss is prevented reliably by this technology. Entering an area offering no reception is never a problem as the system will log back on automatically.

The weighing system has been retrofitted with a stack system and allows you to log accounting entries into the Böckelt management software automatically. The system compares the theoretical loads on the cassettes to the actual weight of the cassette and suggests an accounting entry based on this information.