steam boiler / fuel oil / gas / fire tube



  • Product:


  • Power source:

    fuel oil, gas

  • Firebox:

    fire tube

  • Other characteristics:

    three-pass, high-pressure

  • Steam production:

    Min.: 1,250 kg/h (2,755.78 lb/h)

    Max.: 28,000 kg/h (61,729.43 lb/h)

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 30 bar (435.11 psi)


The UNIVERSAL steam boiler UL-S from Bosch is engineered with a flame tube, a internal water-flushed rear flue gas reversing chamber and a first and second smoke tube that are all arranged for optimum flow within the cylindrical pressure vessel. In interplay with one another, the radiant and convection heating surfaces promote rapid water circulation, thereby accelerating the passage of steam bubbles to the steam chamber. The heat supplied by the fuel is converted into steam quickly and with no material stress due to an even transfer of heat. The large water chamber offers sufficient storage volume to be able to accommodate sudden peaks in demand.

The UNIVERSAL steam boiler UL -S can be used wherever steam or heat is required in a medium to high output range, such as for example in processing industries, in the commercial sector or in communal blocks.